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Panacea’s difference



Panacea_button_youarespecialPanacea’s unique process is designed  to provide a single personalized gel-pack  for each customer. Our questionnaire collects information about you and your health goals and instantly cross-checks thousands of peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies to recommend specific nutrients and doses. From this analysis, we create an individualized, scientifically-based daily supplement regimen just for YOU!


What our science means to YOU!

Panacea_button_learnsciencePanacea bases recommendations upon integration with a globally recognized database used by Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and many other well-recognized entities.  All of the recommendations for YOU are stamped with the approval of other scientists, researchers and medical professionals, and given a grade of what’s effective for YOU.  If it isn’t backed by a peer-review panel (which means the science is agreed upon by lots of scientists), then we don’t recommend it.

How Does It Work?



The PFE (Panacea Formulation Engine) creates a customized formulation from data specific to an individual that facilitates the single dose oral delivery of dietary supplements, vitamins and/or therapeutic agents, combined in a pleasant tasting customized mixture.  The PFE also incorporates an automated formulation algorithm that uses correlation and relevance scores to create a list of known and available components for inclusion and proportioned dose of each in the custom mixture, derived from data captured in an individual profile (ratio metric proportioning of the molecular weight of any component to be included in the custom mixture).



Using a proprietary, semi-solid edible GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) base, PanaMatrixTM captures a library of hundreds of natural compounds. This stable and highly uniform structure enables accurate fulfillment of multiple component formulations stored in sterile cartridges. Blended into a 30 gram, easy to swallow packet, it is tailored to user taste choices, packaged and shipped direct to the customer.


Hygeia 1

To achieve economic manufacture at the individual customized level, advanced robotic compound printing has been invented. This compound printer is the key to cost effective fulfillment. The automation is built to exceed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards in hygiene, and fully tracks and spectrographically validates all inputs.  Up to hundreds of compounds can be accurately blended in microgram to gram amounts, given the ingredients listed in the individuals’ personalized PS formula.